ATR00006 - Alpha Theta Rho 6: Mona Lisa Smiles

PHP 39.00
Jamie Black

ATR00006 - Alpha Theta Rho 6: Mona Lisa Smiles

“You’re giving me weird feelings. Sometimes I hate you. Sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I care for you too much it is crazy. You’re driving me insane and giddy.”

Jose Eleandre “Eli” Torralba - Son of the second richest man in the country - Vice president of the biggest fraternity in the country, Alpha Theta Rho - COO at the age of eighteen - Excellent at manipulating people - Rarely smiles - Fear of everyone - Hates his co-debater, Gab Sedeño, to the core Gabrielle “Gab” Sedeño - Daughter of a Philippine national artist - Best singer of the most popular bar in U-belt, Eve’s Bar - Certified delinquent at the age of fourteen - Excellent at painting… and ruining things - Rarely frowns - Fears no one - Hates her co-debater, Eli Torralba, to the core Now, let’s see what happens when two different worlds collide…

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